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Strength & Conditioning For American Football!

The order of exercises is important. High velocity exercises and exercises recruiting large muscle groups must be placed... Free weight is more desirable because of its specificity to football. While machines tend to isolate single muscle groups, the lifting of free weights involves the more ...

Physical Preparation by Position for Football | Juggernaut ...

There is no doubt that American Football is one of the most physically demanding sports—one that requires a player to posses a wide array of abilities and qualities. American Football, from the brutal collisions, hard hits, quick movements, fast reactions, and long, strenuous games, requires each player to posses a high level of preparedness; and be fit for the demands of the game.

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American Football Physical Preparation was written to expose football players, physical preparation and sport coaches, to the concepts of one of the original coaches of physical preparation for football, Buddy "Coach X" Morris. In this book, you will find information regarding the theory, methodology, bioenergetics, biodynamics, and bio-motor ...

Fitness Testing for American Football

Fitness Test List for Football SPEED — running speed can be assessed with a 40-yard dash test, which measures acceleration and is a reliable indicator... AGILTY — a agility test designed for football is the 5-10-5 Agility (also called the 20 yard or pro-agility shuttle), a... UPPER BODY POWER — The ...

In-Season Football Training - 8 Weeks Out

To start, the main objective of a physical preparation coach and the training they implement for their athletes during the season is to get their athletes ready to perform to the best of their ability on game day. Let’s not lose sight of that fact. There is no other objective that is more important than this during the season.

American Football Physical Preparation - 8 Weeks Out

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Building Athletic Freaks: American Football In-Season Training

American football, from a bioenergetics standpoint, is an alactic-aerobic sport. Yet practice plans rarely meet the demands of the appropriate energy system. The “more work, less time” philosophy rears its ugly head once again, as 24-30 plays run in two five-minute periods and place the athletes smack dab in “the middle,” or lactic, environment.

Physiological Demands of American Football

However, the physical nature of the sport of football was clearly apparent as evidenced by a significant elevation in creatine kinase at the end of the 10-day training camp. Hormonal analysis revealed no changes in testosterone concentrations during the training camp, but cortisol concentrations were elevated initially, increasing the testosterone to cortisol ratio, but cortisol levels subsequently returned to normal.