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Defending 3 Point Shots - Basketball Coaching

The swarming defense would appear to be ideal against a team with minimal perimeter shooting since when the kick out to the open shooter is successful, the shooter will be less efficient on the shot. In contrast, it would seem that a swarming defense would struggle against a great passing and perimeter shooting team like Golden State.

Basketball Defense - Junk (Combination) Defenses, Coach's ...

1. If your team is better than your opponent, there is no need to use a junk defense. Just play your good man-to-man, or... 2. Do not base your entire season's defensive plan on junk defenses. 3. If you use a junk defense, use it as a diversion, as something to confuse the opponent. 4. If you use a ...

Basketball Defenses - HoopTactics

Straight Person-To-Person. Straight person-to-person is an aggressive defense which causes severe problems to good spot up shooters and poor ball handlers. In this type of defense, defenders will fight over screens. However, it can be susceptible to dribble penetration and on ball screens.

This Unique Defensive Strategy and Technique Stops 3-Point ...

The On-Off Technique Used to Stop 3-Point Shooting and Penetration. As you can see in the video, Coach Marshall calls this defensive technique On-Off. This means the bottom defender of the zone gets ON the shooter to heavily contest or stop the shot. Then you bump OFF the defender once you stop the initial shot.

Basketball Defense Coaching Guides (Advanced)

1-2-2 Zone Defense(Complete Coaching Guide)(3,403 Words) The 1-2-2 zone defense is the defense most people are thinking of when they talk about a 3-2 defense. It involves one player at the top of the key, two players on the elbows, and two players on the low posts. This is a great defense to use against teams who shoot a high percentage from ...

Coaching Basketball: Defending the 3 Point Shot

Pomeroy did another analytical study of three point defense between 2009 and 2012 in men’s NCAA Division I Basketball. He looked at the averages of the worst 20 and best 20 teams in terms of 3 point percentage allowed for games played after December 4 each season.

How to choose the correct basketball defense for a particular ...

Against a team with a strong inside game, use a sagging man-to-man or 2-3 Zone. You could even use a combination defense, with the two guards zoning. Avoid pressing defenses against a team with good penetrating guards. Instead, use a strong side combination defense. Overplay heavily on the inside, or a layback man-to-man.

Basketball: Strategy of the game

Man-to-man defense is where each player is assigned to cover a specific offensive player. The player guards the offensive player wherever they go on the court. Man-to-man defense can be very affective against a strong outside shooting team.

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